Our Unique Style

We're different from your typical Jamaican "guest house", for one thing, is that

we take a different approach to vacation accommodations and we are

dedicated to expanding Jamaica's rural historical and cultural


We are a unique Jamaican family owned full service bed and breakfast chalet.

It was built in honor of Mr. Stanley Gray Sr.(Chef Gray) now deceased.

A chef for over fifty years in the Jamaican Hotel and Tourism Industry, Mr. Gray

worked at various international hotels including The Half Moon Hotel.

He traveled and cooked for some the world's most influential families

including  John F Kennedy (JFK) President of the United States Of America while he

and Mrs. Kennedy were guest at the Half Moon during the 1960s.

As early as the 1960s, members of his family were able to travel and reside in the

United States, Canada and England  .

Indeed, they are grateful for the opportunity which was given to them to travel, and to learn from the

experiences in these countries, and they are delighted to be able to share their home with you.

The chalet is personal to the members of this family. It is their winter home, and a quiet place for them to come home to

and enjoy that down home feeling and the connection needed to help them better

understand the complexity of their lives abroad.

Common Courtesy, Hospitality and Service.....

Whether you are a returning resident or a first time visitor to our beautiful country,  

our objective is to to offer you a natural and realistic living at home experience, part

of which you may have never experienced before.



In honour of

Mr.Stanley Gray Sr.