We offer you a natural,realistic living at home experience.

Some of the words our guest used to discribe their experience with us are

authentic,and rewarding.

Teresina is a unique country house located inside the foot hills of the Sussex Estate.

Teresina is for people with a yearning to explore a sense of fun and a wish to go off the busy beaten path.

The Saint Anns Bay area where we are located has a rich thriving and robust culture you may have never before experienced.It is the birth place of many of our cultural leaders including Bob Marley,Marcus Garvey and Burning Spear, to name a few.

You can enjoy quiet walks or hiking through our pimenta (Allspice) farm plantation with tropical birds and fruit trees, or just relax and read a book on your own private balcony overlooking a lush tropical ravine with the spectacular view of the rising sun in the mornings.

Our cook will fix you old world traditional Jamaican country style meals seasoned with Allspices and herbs from our garden.

You'll have an unforgettable Jamaican "back a yard" experience.